The Ministry of Commerce & Investment has been Awarded the E-Transactions Achievement Prize for Launching the Service of “Start Up Your Company”

15 May 2018
This is during the Five Consecutive Sessions
The Ministry of Commerce and Investment has been awarded the Achievement Prize for providing the service “Start up Your Company”. This is during the ceremony of Achievement Award for Government E-Transactions at its 5th Session, organized by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) on Monday 14.05.2018 AD.

The award was received by H.E. the Deputy Minister of Commerce and Investment, Engr. Majid bin Abdullah Al Bowardi.

The Achievement Award, provided by the program of Government E-Transactions “Yassir”, aims at honoring the creative governmental projects that have contributed to a qualitative leap in the application of the electronic transactions in the Kingdom for serving the beneficiaries in various fields.

MCI has won this year the Achievement Award for the National Economy Promotion, related to "Government - Business". This is for launching the service of “Start up Your Company”, which enables setting up companies electronically without the need to visit any of the Ministry’s branches. The C.R. can be issued online after the payment of charges through ( 

MCI has launched the new service after re-engineering the procedures. The customer can establish his company without the need to authenticate the memorandum of association by the public notary or giving a pledge to deposit the capital, in addition to the possibility of e-payment through ATM  "Mada". Also no need for the Ministry to check the application of setting up the company, the approval is given immediately.

MCI has worked in advance with the Ministry of Labor and Social Development, the General Organization for Social Insurance and the General Authority for Zakat and Income to register the institutions electronically. Therefore, upon setting up the Co., the client can benefit from the services of all these authorities immediately without the need to visit any of them.

According to the Ministry of Commerce and Investment, the easy e-services contributed to 31.7% increase in the issuance of Commercial Registrations during the first quarter of 2018 compared to the fourth quarter of 2017. The Commercial Registrations during the first quarter 2018 reached (61,155), compared to 46,428 during the fourth quarter of 2017. This growth is the result of a number of initiatives contributed to ease starting up a business, enhance the investor trust, improve the commercial and investment environment of the Kingdom and linking with several government agencies.

MCI played brilliant role during the last four sessions of the award. MCI had been awarded three prizes in the 4th session 2015. (The National Economy Promotion, Government - Business). That was for getting the CR within (180 seconds). Also the award of E-Community Participation, “Voice of Beneficiary”. As well as the award for E-Services through smart devices “The Consolidated Monitor for Smart Devices”.

During the 3rd session 2014, the Ministry awarded three prizes. The award for Providing Better Service to Community Members (Government - Individuals) on the System of Beneficiaries Service, the award of the National Economy Promotion (Government - Business) on E-Trademark Service, the award of E-Services through Smart Devices, on the Application of the Commercial Violation Report Service.

During the 2nd session 2012, MCI was awarded the prize of E-Community Participation (Voice of Beneficiary) on the Ministry’s experience with Twitter, in the 1st session 2010, MCI was among the three government agencies that had the best E-Services on the portal “Saudi”.

It is worth mentioning that the Ministry of Commerce and Investment has been continuously endeavoring to develop its e-services. Recently, 52 electronic services have been provided to companies, institutions and consumers. All these services can be done online without the need to visit the customer service centers or any of the Ministry’s branches.


Last Modified 26 Dec 2018