MCI Won the Award of the Best Governmental Authorities in Serving the Members of the Community

15 Nov 2014
MCI has won, in the ceremony of “Achievement” for e-Government in its third session, organized by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, the Award of providing better service to members of the community, through the beneficiaries service systems of the consumer Notification Center (1900), which enables the consumer of reporting any commercial violation, and the consolidated call center for business and industry sector (920000667), which aims to respond to all inquiries and encourage the industry and the facilities available for the start of the commercial work, and to provide information on the nature of the MCI services in all aspects of commercial activities, the industrial services and the technical support for the electronic services.

The beneficiaries service systems receive approximately (4,000) calls daily, that are answered all at a rate of waiting not exceeding 9 seconds. Through the consumer notification center (1900), the notifications and reports about violations are received and followed-up automatically, with direct communication with the control and inspection teams using smart devices, which assist in the speed response and high performance. MCI Consumer Notification Center receives approximately (2200) calls daily round the clock, the percentage of closing the notifications exceeded 97%,while the customer satisfaction rate exceeded 86% , and the business call center receives about 1800 calls daily, with waiting rate not exceeding 9 seconds.

It is worth mentioning that the Ministry has won   other awards in the “Achievement” ceremony of the electronic dealings, in the same session, for the award branch of strengthening the National Economy, regarding the service of registering the trademarks electronically, and the award branch for the “Best Electronic Services” via smart devices for the application of a "Commercial Notification".
Last Modified 26 Dec 2018