MCI, More than 1400 electronic company establishment request during the first half of 2016

16 Jul 2016
​After the effective launching of electronic contracts establishment service within ‘establish your company’ campaign
The Ministry of Commerce and Investment announced that the total number of enterprises’ electronic establishment requests was 1436 application in the first half of the year 2016. The total of 1.263 of these requests was to establish limited liability companies, while 122 electronic applications were to establish sole proprietorship companies, since the entry into force of the companies’ new system, which authorized this type of companies on 25 Rajab 1437 AH corresponding to May 2, 2016.
The details of the closed electronic requests were 29 closed requests for general partnership companies,13 closed electronic requests for commandite partnership and nine closed electronic requests for a professional corporation. All these requests were fulfilled thru the new electronic establishment services since the date of launch till now.
The ministry pointed out the efforts to facilitate corporation governance procedures and improve transparency and disclosure levels that contributed in 393 company assemblies’ meetings during the first half of 2016, as do those companies filing financial statements for the year 2015.
This comes from the Ministry of commerce and investment facilitation services mechanism in terms of automating the procedures and increasing the efficiency and reliability of services provided, where companies services have witnessed rapid growth in the number of electronic establishment requests that are received after the launch of the campaign that aimed to raise awareness of e-Establishment contracts for service within the electric service pack for E-portal
Regarding the data update, companies begun to appoint communication personals involved in electronic services. These companies started to update their data within the campaign launched by the ministry, which urge the companies to update their data before the deadline.
The first ten companies completed the updating of their data were: Insurance Company for Building Materials Trading, Abdullah Nasser Al-Jarallah Construction and maintenance company, Quabas technical company for trade, and Sanad company for investment, Aboud Group Co., Ltd. , Yemen AlJazera for Industry and Trade and Contracting , Shaflout Trading Co.,Roa'ya Alt'teb company, Eastern Company for Investment , Qauat'a Almabani for Trading & Contracting.

Last Modified 26 Dec 2018