MCI issued more than 25 thousand E-Licenses for Sales during 2016 AD

17 Jan 2017
Launching soon an Application to enable the Consumers know the Licensed Sales
The Ministry of Commerce and Investment announced the issuance of 25,027 e- licenses for Sales in the markets and shops in various parts of the Kingdom during 2016 AD. This e-service, launched by the ministry last year, witnessed  increasing demand by the shops, since it is easy and quick to issue e-license in a record time.

According to MCI statistics Riyadh, Makkah and the Eastern Region topped the highest rank in getting e- licenses, followed by other regions.

Meanwhile, MCI is planning, in cooperation with Thiqa Business Services Co., to launch an application that would enable the consumers to reach the shops with sales or special offers and access the location through GPS, along with the possibility of reporting against any violation through the application of Commercial Violation Report. This is to eliminate false sales, and to enable the consumers as well to get the best offer by using MCI database.

The ministry indicated that "Sales" application bears many other features which will be announced soon.

Notably, the ministry had launched the issuance of Sales licenses electronically through its official website. This service to be added to a series of other e-services that serve the commercial sector, where this e-service allows the trader to issue the sales license electronically from his office at any region of the Kingdom, through visiting the link:​

This comes within the keenness of the Ministry to verify and check the authenticity of the sales and to ensure the absence of manipulation or misleading the consumers and to eliminate all phantom or false offers.

It is worth mentioning that the issuance of sale licenses is carried out electronically. Consequently, the owners can issue and print the sales licenses, in all regions of the Kingdom, using their commercial registration. This e-service enables the beneficiaries as well to add the agency or the trade mark subject of the sales, more over the trader can extend the duration of the license automatically, too.

MCI would like to confirm to all commercial institutions, markets and shops the importance of issuing sales licenses via the link:, for ensuring the authenticity of sales.

Last Modified 26 Dec 2018