MCI Prohibits Issuance, Using of Substitution Cards, instead of Refunding, in Cash

18 Mar 2013
MCI asserted illegality of some shops compelling of consumers substitute balance cards rather than refunding, in cash, in case of returning back to them non conformed or deformed commodities.
The Ministry pointed out that such cards shall protect consumers' rights, as they are related to the regulations of the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA), which stipulate that such cards shall be issued by licensed banks, only, in order to maintain the rights of both sides.
Accordingly, MCI demands all shops, which have, already, issued such illegal cards, to withdraw them, stop using them and begin refunding in cash, for clients who may return to them back, non-conformed or deformed items, unless they are granted the required legal permission.
Furthermore, MCI exhorts all citizens and residents, alike, to report such shops that may issue such cards, to take appropriate measurements, against them, by contacting MCI Consumer's Reports Center.
Last Modified 26 Dec 2018