More than 1,500 Electronic Sale Licenses Issued by MCI within 30 days

18 Apr 2016
The Ministry of Commerce and Industry has issued more than 1,500 electronic licenses for sale and promotion of markets and shops in various parts of the Kingdom since launching the service last month. The new service witnesses a growing demand by the trading institutions for the speed and easiness of issuing such licenses in a record time.

Riyadh, Makkah and the Eastern Region were in the top list of issuing sale licenses, followed by other regions. 

The Ministry had already launched the service of issuing the sale licenses electronically through its official website. This service has been added to a series of e-services provided for the commercial sector, where this service allows the merchant to issue the sale license electronically from his office across the Kingdom.

This comes within the keenness of the Ministry to verify the fact of the offered sale and to ensure the absence of any manipulation or misleading towards the consumers and to eliminate all false offers.

The Ministry also held a workshop to introduce the new e-service of issuing the sale license, attended by a large number of corporate and the merchants using such service, where it included a presentation of the new system and displaying its features, besides providing computers to the attendants to practice using such service by themselves and to be familiar with this system.

The new service is characterized of being all electronic, where it is possible now for the shop owners to issue the sale licenses electronically in all regions of the Kingdom and through their commercial registration, this service would enable also the beneficiaries of adding the agency or the trademark to be under sale, more over the merchant can extend the validity of the sale license automatically.

MCI would like to confirm to all businessmen and trading institutions the importance of issuing sale licenses through the Ministry`s website, to assure the credibility of sale and promotion, MCI calls on those interested to make sale to have access to the e-portal through the link:

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