MCI E-Portal “Aamal” to Start Displaying Information about the Corporate Commitment

18 Apr 2016
This would raise the Level of Disclosure & Transparency
MCI endeavors to implement its initiatives aiming at raising the level of disclosure and transparency and to apply the best governance standards, relevant to the corporate sector, by adding a special page through its e-portal “Aamal” showing the level of the company's commitment.

Through browsing “Aamal”, those interested in the business sector and those dealing with the company can get an idea and some information on the extent of the company`s commitment, regarding the implementation of the corporate law, as well as showing the status of the Commercial Registration, the company's submittal of the financial statements and holding the general assemblies of the company, also showing whether the company has exceeded its accumulated losses to the official percentage of the capital, besides viewing the status of the company council. Therefore, this service would be added to the bouquet of electronic services currently available through the e-portal​.

This step comes as a complementary to the strategic plan and MCI initiatives to employ technology for serving the local economy and supporting the investors by facilitating the corporate procedures and removing any obstacles that may face the growth and development of the commercial sector.
Last Modified 26 Dec 2018