MCI, An Auto Agency was fined for selling a Damaged Car as New One

18 Oct 2015
A Verdict was issued and to be Published in the Local Newspapers
MCI announced that a verdict was issued to fine an Auto Agency, involved in selling a damaged car to a citizen and misleading him by claiming that it is new. This comes within the ongoing efforts of the Ministry to protect the consumers and to impose penalties against all those found involved in violating the provisions of Anti Commercial Fraud Law.
The details go back when MCI received a complaint from a citizen, who bought a new car, and after a short period of using it, he found that the "Rear Bumper" had been repaired and re-painted by the agent without informing the buyer of any defects before buying the car. Therefore, the Ministry started the necessary investigation, and the case was referred to the competent judicial authorities to complete the legal procedures.
A final judgment was issued by the Court of Appeal to impose a fine against the violating company, and this judgment to be published in two local newspapers at the expense of the involved agent.
Meanwhile, MCI stressed that it would not tolerate in the application of regulations on violators and those involved in the fraud and deceiving the consumers, indicating that hiding any defects by auto agencies, would lead to severe penalties in accordance with the provisions of Anti Commercial Fraud Law.
It is worth mentioning that the Ministry had already detected violations on a number of auto agents, proved to carry out repairs on some damaged cars and then to be re-sold as new, without giving the buyers any notice regarding that. Legal procedures had been taken against the violators at that time.
MCI would like to call on all consumers for cooperation and to report their complaints and observations by contacting MCI Notification Center on 1900, or through the application of a Commercial Notification.

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