MCI, Requesting the Opinions of the Public on the Draft of the Law of the Saudi Authority for Administrative Advisors, Economists and Financiers

17 Dec 2018
MCI has invited those interested and the public to express their opinions and suggestions on the draft of the Law of the Saudi Authority for Administrative Advisors, economists and financiers, through its website, before Thursday, 19/02/1436 AH, corresponding to 11/12/2014 AD, indicating the pursuit of this project to establish a professional authority that is non-profitable, enjoying legal personality and independent financial protection, and it is working under the supervision of the Ministry.

This comes from the Ministry's desire to develop the professional performance of the administrative advisors, economists and financiers, and to develop the awareness of their professional duties, and motivate them to increase their contribution in serving the national economy and community.

Among the most prominent proposed competences of the authority are , to set up the principles, criteria and guides of practicing consultancy careers, reviewing and up- dating that continuously, and taking care of the interests of the authority members related to practicing their profession in accordance with the established Rules and Regulations, to encourage and support the professional and mutual communication among the members of the authority, so that they can develop their professional performance and the services provided by them, as well as encourage holding conferences, seminars, meetings, forums and exhibitions related to advisory careers, and participating in such activities, also organizing certified programs,  training and educational  courses in the field of advisory careers, conducting studies and research including the publication, issuance of books, publications, scientific and professional journals and periodicals in coordination with the competent authorities.

MCI would like to invite those interested and the public to participate and express their opinions through the access on this link: Click here 
Last Modified 26 Dec 2018