MCI, recalling more than 30 thousand GM Cars for Various Defects

19 Jan 2015
General Motors Corp., in coordination with MCI, has carried out recalling campaign for more than 30 thousand vehicles for a number of models in the Kingdom because of various problems. The Ministry is publishing the details of such recalling campaign, explaining the manufacturing defects, showing the numbers of the affected vehicles chassis and how to contact with the local agent to repair the defects free of charge.

The recalling campaign carried out by GM corp. currently includes a number of vehicles, such as: "Camaro 2010-2014", Cadillac "" CTS 2003-2012, Cadillac "SRX 2004-2006", Chevrolet "Malibu 1997-2005", Cadillac "" DTS 2006 -2011, Cadillac "" CTS 2011-2014, because of a defect in the starting switch affecting the steering wheel mechanism, the engine and the auto brake, in addition to Chevrolet "" Selverado 2014-2015”, "Cadillac CTS 2014", GMC "" Sierra 2014-2015, Cadillac "" ATS 2013-2014 due to a defect in the front seats welding, Chevrolet "Caprice LS, SS 2013-2014", Cadillac "" CTS 2014”due to a malfunction in the wipers system.

The recalling campaign includes also Chevrolet cars such as "Impala 2014-2015", Cadillac "" XTS 2013-2015, due to a malfunction in the electronic brake lights system, Cadillac "ATS 2014" because of a defect in the headlights system, along with Cadillac "ATS 2013 -2015 " due to a defect in the electrical system of the lights, Cadillac" "SRX 2010-2015 , because of a defect in the rear balance shaft, Chevrolet" "Malibu 2004-2012, due to a malfunction in the brake lights system.

Among the recalling campaign as well, there are Chevrolet " Camaro 2012” due to a defect in the airbags, Chevrolet "" Caprice LS, SS 2014” due to a defect in the wires of seat belt fastening device, Chevrolet "Impala 2014" due to a defect in the electric circuit for the power steering.

MCI has emphasized that it is carrying out continuous communication with the international auto companies and the local agents in the Kingdom, and carefully following up and monitoring the coordination of cars recalling campaigns that show defects in the workmanship. This is as a continuation of its role in protecting the consumers.

MCI had recently published a number of recalls for various models of the company, due to defects in the workmanship, which necessitated repair by the local agent for free.

MCI calls on those who are concerned of this recall, to contact the local agent: (Al Jomaih Motors Company 800 7,525,252, Universal Motors Agencies Company 800 2244 244) or contact General Motors Corporation on the number 800 820 0674.
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