On the Occasion of the World Consumer Rights Day, MCI Holds an Exhibition in Diriya, Riyadh, attended by more than 10,000 Visitors

19 Mar 2018
2500 Visitors Participated in Launching the Guide for Consumer Rights, 700 pieces of Gold had been Examined during the Exhibition
The Ministry of Commerce and Investment held an Awareness Exhibition at Al-Bujairi area in Diriya, Riyadh. This is to celebrate the World Consumer Day, and as part of "Know Your Right" initiative, aiming at making the consumers aware of their rights. During the exhibition events, the Guide for Consumer Rights had been inaugurated with the attendance of 2500 visitors.

The exhibition, which was held over three days (Thursday, Friday, Saturday) with the attendance of 10 thousand visitors, had conveyed several awareness messages to promote the principle of rights and to raise awareness among the consumers and the merchants relevant to buying and selling, also to enhance transparency and clarity in business transactions, as well as to protect the consumers from Deception, cheating and price variation.

The exhibition included a special zone for laboratories, which carried out examination and test of cosmetics, cleaning tools, gold and diamonds, as well as checking children's toys, textiles, electrical appliances. Therefore, the laboratory section examined more than 700 pieces of gold. The Exhibition included as well a special section for children, introducing awareness and fun program to 2500 children attending this event through an interesting and attractive narrative style. 

The illustrations, signs and banners presenting the consumer rights attracted the attention of the visitors who preferred to take photographs with them. The phrases of the awareness campaign included “ Know Your Right” which is the main title of the campaign, bearing several messages to raise awareness of consumer rights. “Do not Ask How Much”. This is to abide by the price tag on all the products in a clear and readable way to all consumers. “Take the Rest”. This is  to inform the consumer of his right to take the rest of the amount even in parts of the riyal (coins) during purchasing. “You Have the Right of Two-Year Warranty”. This is inform the consumers that the warranty for electrical and electronic appliances is for two years minimum, Less than that is a violation.

Meanwhile, H.E. the Minister of Commerce and Investment, Dr. Majid bin Abdullah Al Qassabi, had inaugurated last Thursday the Consumer Rights Guide, which is considered the comprehensive reference to all the rights and duties of consumers. The Ministry provides in this unified guide more than 50 rights through 6 chapters that contribute to raising awareness and knowledge among the consumers and traders about their rights and duties, in a way to preserve the rights of all parties. Notably, launching this guide comes concurrently with the World Consumer Protection Day.

It is noteworthy that the Ministry of Commerce and Investment has been interacting with the consumers, and endeavoring to raise awareness of their rights through all media channels, field events and through the control and inspection campaigns. MCI has allocated and set up Consumer Call Center (1900) to receive complaints and reports from the consumers, in addition to the application of a Commercial Violation Report and the official website of the Ministry, where the consumer can communicate, lodge complaints and keep in touch with all awareness campaigns.


Last Modified 26 Dec 2018