Inspection of Fuel Pumps will be Mandatory Early in the Coming Hijrah Year 1439, as announced by MCI

19 Sep 2017
Penalties will be imposed against Violating Petrol Stations
The Ministry of Commerce and Investment has confirmed that the mandatory inspection of fuel pumps in the Kingdom will be started on 01/01/1439 H. MCI had already  launched the Electronic Inspection & Calibration System for all fuel pumps last Sha'ban 1438 H.

Through this electronic system, MCI aims to increase the control role on petrol stations, also to increase transparency related to the services provided to the consumers, as well as to eliminate fraud in gasoline quality, besides controlling the meters. This service comes within a series of initiatives through which the Ministry seeks to realize the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

MCI pointed out that this system has been developed in cooperation with its strategic partner, Thiqa Business Services Company. Therefore this e-system will enable the petrol station owners to request e-inspection and calibration of their fuel pumps through easy steps by accessing MCI website:​, then the site will be located by G.P.S., then the concerned laboratory will visit the petrol station and carry out the necessary tests to ensure the safety of fuel pumps, meter reading and the quality of fuel provided to the final consumer. After that the laboratory will place Test Result Label on all the fuel pumps in the station (Green/pass), (Red/Fail). The owner can obtain the relevant certificate electronically through the website.

MCI had implemented the decision in its first phase by obliging the new stations to inspect and calibrate their fuel pumps as of 01/08/1438 H, provided that the mandatory implementation will be effected on all existing petrol stations, and the ones whose licenses would expire after 01/01/1439 H.

MCI would like to confirm that the penalties set forth in the Anti-Commercial Fraud Law, also the Measurement and Calibration System and the Private Laboratories System, will be applied against the Offending Stations. This is to protect consumers against any fraud cases. MCI calls on all the consumers to lodge their complaints and observations against any petrol station not placing the Test Result Label, or using a fuel pump failed in the test, by contacting MCI Consumer Call Center "1900" or through the application of a Commercial Violation Report, or by submitting their reports directly through MCI official website.

Last Modified 26 Dec 2018