MCI Real Estate Committee Calls on Subscribers, in some Schemes, to Deliver their Documents

02 Jun 2013
​Real Estate Committee Calls on Subscribers Deliver their Documents relating, to some schemes, under the consideration of the committee, nowadays, in order to have a plain knowledge on their rights.
These documents include copies of contract, number of shares, deposit receipts and IDs, namely those involved in the following schemes: Jasser Al-Hirbish & Partners, on Durrat Al-Kohbar, Abdullah Al-Suwaidani Partnership Co. on Al-Suwaidani Markets' Scheme, Al-Harra Al-Sharqiyah and King Khalid Road Land Lot, in Hail, Al-Muteib and Partner on all schemes and finally Abdulmalik Al-Babtain on all schemes, too.
Contacting the committee may be done through its email, official website and other communication venues. 
Last Modified 26 Dec 2018