MCI Surveys the Buyers` Opinions of Real Estate Units on the Map

20 Sep 2015
MCI, represented by the program of selling real estate units on the map, has started a survey about the buyers` opinions, through the questionnaire that has been already launched by the Ministry, in an effort to measure the degree of satisfaction of its customers and their impressions of the services provided by real estate developers.
The questionnaire, sent to all buyers, has been designed to include a range of technical and legal criteria to see how far the real estate developer is committed to clarify the technical specifications of the real estate unit during the marketing period and prior to purchase, as well as clarifying all terms of the contract before completing the sales process, also the criteria includes the extent of the developer's commitment to the time scheduled for completing the project and handing over the real estate unit to the buyer in time, as well as the prices of real estate units on the map, and after-sales services.

This questionnaire comes within the Ministry`s keenness to assess, first of all, the real estate developers, and to motivate them to improve their performance to gain the satisfaction of their customers, and for hearing the voice of buyers, whether in the way of suggestions, opinions or as resentment and dissatisfaction.

Last Modified 26 Dec 2018