For the Development of the Mechanism of Dealing with the Consumers and their Reports & Calls Relevant to Commercial Violations, MCI Organizes a Training Course for its Inspectors

20 Sep 2017
This comes as part of the Consumer Rights Enforcement Initiative that goes in Line with the National Transformation Program and the Kingdom’s Vision 2030

The Ministry of Commerce and Investment held a training course on Tue. & Wed. 19-20.09.2017 for the judicial control officers at its headquarters in Riyadh, within the framework of the Consumer Rights Enforcement Initiative, which goes in line with the National Transformation Program 2020 and the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

H.E. Undersecretary of Consumer Protection, Mr. Fahd bin Mohammed Al-Huzaili, stressed that the members of the Judicial Control Authority are a fundamental pillar in each organization. Their knowledge of their tasks and main role facilitates the application of Rules and Regulations. H.E. Al Huzaili pointed out the great interest of MCI with the members of the Judicial Control Authority, where MCI worked through the last four years on increasing their numbers and giving them advanced training courses before and on the job. H.E. added that MCI inspectors in all parts of the Kingdom have a prominent role and responsibility relevant to the implementation of the Ministry's decisions and regulations, especially with regard to consumer protection.

The training course included an explanation about the work mechanism of the Consumer Call Center (1900), which seeks to consolidate and develop this center electronically and to have direct communication with consumers round the clock and on daily basis.

After that, the training course discussed the measures of enforcing consumer rights according to the regulations related to Anti-Commercial Fraud Law, Commercial Data, Commercial Agencies. Then the training course reviewed the mechanism of detecting and controlling the goods in violation, as well as how to deal with products non-conforming to standard specifications, also dealing with products with a future date, in addition to MCI procedures against corrupted products, promotion and sales, besides reviewing the licensing procedures for commercial contests and determining the legal duration of such contest.

The training course also discussed the Commercial Agencies System, consumer rights and the obligations of the commercial agent regarding (warranty, maintenance, spare parts).

The Department of Information Technology in the Ministry informed the judicial control officers about the mechanism of obtaining and inquiring about the licenses of sales and promotion, and how to verify the actual sales and their relevant authorized percentage, through the electronic systems and smart services provided by the Ministry.

The training course also dealt with the enforcement of consumer rights related to Precious Metals and Gems Regulations, highlighting the most prominent violations in this regard, namely: licenses, manufacturer or importer marks, (stamp), Carat, invoices and their relevant details, scales, purchasing from minor, unknown or a suspected man, and other irregularities that need controlling.

The training course reviewed the Anti-Money Laundering System in Real Estate Offices, also at Intermediaries' Offices, as well as at gold, jewelry, precious metals and gems shops, in addition to the requirements of the next phase. Then, a presentation was made about the mechanism of recalling defective products, including common violations and the verification steps for products subject to recalling through the approved official websites.
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