"MCI" inspection campaigns are starting today on home heating devices

20 Nov 2016
The Ministry of Trade and Investment began today Sunday, 20/2/1438 H corresponding to 20/11/2016 its inspection rounds on the sale points of home heating devices especially the "electric heaters" and their warehouses in various regions of the Kingdom, to verify the conformity of the displayed devices to the Saudi standard and specifications.
The ministry will seize and confiscation any device that is from an unknown source or in non-conformity to the specifications because it jeopardizes the safety of the users. The violated shops and warehouses will undergo the application of statutory penalties stated by retail fraud combating system. Displaying non-conforming products is a violation subjected to a fine up to 5000 S.R or imprisonment for a period not exceeding two years or both.
This comes in the frame of the ministry's role and its regular inspection tours program to combat fake and counterfeit goods and ensures the originality of everything in the market.
The ministry said that these inspection tours would focus on the product information card, the price tag,  voltage of 220, capacity of no more than 2500 watts, two years guarantee card on the product, as well as identifying the information recorded on the packaging with what is mentioned on the product itself and use Arabic instructions guide.
The Ministry of Trade and Investment urges the consumers to buy the safest electric heater, which has shut down security button in case of falling and equipped with children safety and protection parts, emphasizing the importance of buying them from a reliable store.
The ministry urges all the consumers to report any violation of heating devices by contacting the customer call center on 1900, or through the smartphone application "Commercial Report."
Last Modified 26 Dec 2018