MCI Inspection Teams detected 17 tons of Fake Honey, 20 thousand Liters of Vegetable Oils, Perfume of Unknown Origin and 400 thousand of Cosmetics in Jeddah

21 Jan 2018
Two Warehouses were shut down, and 3 Cases of Suspected Commercial Concealment were Disclosed
MCI inspection teams seized more than 17 tons of counterfeit honey, more than 20,000 liters of vegetable oils and, perfume, more than 400 thousand cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and foodstuffs in a number of shops and warehouses in Jeddah last Monday.

During the inspection rounds, MCI inspectors disclosed three cases of suspected commercial concealment. Therefore, the necessary legal procedures had been taken against the violators.

MCI inspection teams seized and confiscated (17.15) tons of fake honey of unknown origin, packaged in a bad and unhealthy way, also poor storage was used.

20 thousand liters of vegetable oils of unknown origin were seized as well, together with expired and counterfeit raw perfume, bearing international brands.

In addition, the inspection teams seized about (204) thousands of counterfeit cosmetics and stimulant medicines including (66) thousands of expired items, more than (42,011) packets of various creams, in violation to the commercial data system with poor storage, were seized as well.

During the inspection rounds, MCI inspectors seized 121,876 fake food items, 25 thousand empty containers, and confiscated 175 Zamzam bottled water, 100 ml. More than 300,000 posters, bearing famous trademarks, were seized as well. Meanwhile, 90 samples of the seizures were taken for laboratory examination.

Two warehouses were shut down by MCI immediately, and the owners had been summoned to the Ministry’s headquarter for completing the necessary procedures and referring the case to the General Prosecution, and then to the judicial authorities for taking the final judgments.

It is worth mentioning that MCI inspectors detected recently a site in Jeddah, exploited by illegal labors for the preparation of fake tobacco, by mixing sawdust and colors with tobacco. 25 tons and more than 785 thousand posters and packets of tobacco were seized, also two cases of commercial cover up were disclosed. The site was shut down and the owners were summoned up by MCI for taking the necessary legal procedures.

MCI calls on all consumers to cooperate and lodge their complaints and observations through MCI Consumers Call Center (1900) or through the application of a Commercial Violation Report or through the Ministry’s website.
Last Modified 26 Dec 2018