MCI Real Estate Committee Disburse 77% as Dividends of Ardh Al-Taqniyah Scheme

21 Apr 2013
​MCI Real Estate Committee announced accruing profits up to 103%, on selling plots of Ardh Al-Taqniyah scheme, in Riyadh.
Moreover, the committee begins disbursing 77% out of the profits, as dividends to subscribers, following refunding the full capital of the schemes to them, previously, promising to complete disbursing the balance of the dividends, shortly, following collecting it.

The committee exhorted all subscribers, who changed their bank accounts or yet to update them, to report to any branch of Al-Bilad Bank, across the Kingdom, to update them, holding their deeds and IDs.

MCI committee, has announced, last week, disbursing the full capital of the 11th block at Rabuwat Al-Yassemin scheme, related to Future Plans (Khutat Al-Mustaqbal), pledging to disburse the balance, following completion of liquidation.

Last Modified 26 Dec 2018