H.E. the Minister Meets the Head of Toyota Motor Corporation to Improve Customers Satisfaction and to Process the Manufacturing Defects on Saturday 22. 04. 1435H.

22 Feb 2014

​Toyota and Lexus 's Commitment to provide Warranty to the Gulf Imported cars

H.E. the Minister of Commerce and Industry has held today a long meeting with Yoshi Amada, Toyota, Chairman of the Board of Directors and a group of executives in the company. H.E. advised them to take more interest in the customer service,  to open a separate office for them in the Kingdom, to pay attention to client satisfaction and to establish Call Centers in the Kingdom belonging to the Company for serving the consumers directly and to listen to their opinions and observations about the provided services, stressing at the same time the importance of quick repair of the  workmanship defects and after-sales services .
H.E. the Minister briefed the Company Officials on the results of a questionnaire that measured the level of customer satisfaction and the percentage of dissatisfaction on the after-sales services, the prices of spare parts and maintenance. H.E. added : "Toyota Company should observe the consumer satisfaction and his evaluation of the Company`s performance,  in light of turning the auto sector in the Kingdom to a competitive sector. H.E. stressed  the importance of quick processing of workmanship defects.
"The Head of Toyota Corp. explained " that the company is keen on the Saudi consumer`s  satisfaction and will consider with great interest the results of the questionnaire and will make every effort to improve the after-sales services "
The head of Toyota Motor Corporation confirmed in an earlier letter submitted to MCI, his commitment to provide warranty services for Toyota and Lexus imported cars in the Gulf area like the local ones.
This comes after MCI had obligated Toyota to call in more than 400 thousand Toyota cars  to treat the problem of starting the vehicle at high speed and the inability of the driver to stop it ( Brake Override System) , and after the recent burning of Jeep FJ,  6200 vehicles Jeep FJ had been called in due to a defect in the fuel tank ventilation tube.
It is worth mentioning that H.E. the Minister is conducting several visits to Japanese companies  investing in the Kingdom within the delegation accompanying the visit to Japan by Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz, Crown Prince, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense.
Moreover, this meeting comes within the communications carried out by MCI with the cars manufacturers. His Excellency had met before  with " Ford " , " GM " and " Chrysler " in U.S.A. ,  " Kia "and" Hyundai " in South Korea for the same purpose .
MCI had published last year  the results of a questionnaire conducted to monitor the level of satisfaction on the services of automobile agencies  in the Kingdom, the survey demonstrated that 61% percent of consumers had expressed dissatisfaction with the level of services provided versus 11% per cent expressed their satisfaction ,  28% per cent said they were satisfied to some extent.
MCI  announced at the time that it would make  communication with the manufacturers to inform them of the results of the questionnaire, saying it would ask these companies to make direct presence in the Kingdom for supervision, follow-up and to monitor the performance of their agents in a way to improve and raise the level of services provided to consumers.
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