Launching E-Service Integration between Ministry of Commerce & Investment and Ministry of Justice, to implement the Verdicts of Suspending the Commercial Registrations, then to be submitted on-line

22 Jun 2016
​The Ministry of Commerce & Investment and the Ministry of Justice have Launched E-Service Integration to implement the verdicts of suspending the Commercial Registrations, then to be submitted to the concerned authority automatically. Therefore, the two ministries have stopped dealing with paper work since launching this new service earlier this week.

The E-Service Integration would enable the judges, at the Ministry of Justice, of suspending the defendants C.R., after the issuance of the seizure and execution decision, as well as providing MCI with a copy of this verdict on-line. Then MCI would confirm this process automatically without any human intervention.
This new e-service, of replacing the paper requests, contributes to speed up the implementation of the decisions and to dispense with the manual correspondence, also it does offer flexible methods to search for the requests and their relevant details.

MCI would like to confirm its on-going endeavors and pursuit to integrate with all other government authorities electronically, and to use the latest technology to meet the needs of all beneficiaries.

This comes within MCI interest and pursuit to facilitate and develop its services, as well as to improve the business and investment environment in the economic sectors, also to create solutions that would accelerate the application of e-government, so as to contribute to the promotion of the national economy and to serve the customers better.
Last Modified 26 Dec 2018