MCI announce: 303 Companies issued their electronic commercial registers within 24 hours

23 Jul 2016
After launching ‘establish your company’ to introduce the electronic contracts establishment service

The Ministry of Commerce and Investment is putting great effort in facilitating all services mechanism regarding automating the procedures and increasing the efficiency and reliability of the services provided. That led to the ministry announcement of 303 companies issued their electronic commercial registers within one business day.

The companies’ services in the Ministry is witnessing rapid growth in the number of electronic establishment requests that had been received since the beginning of ‘establish your company’ campaign. It aims to introduce the contracts electronic establishment service thru within the E-portal service

The Ministry urges the investors and the companies under formation to benefit from the online services to complete the procedure of founding their companies. The new process is easy and has only three steps: 1- Apply electronically, 2- Attend a notary office - in the same day without an appointment - to Authenticate the contract, 3- Pay the unified bill through available electronic services, banks’ mobile applications or ATMs.

The Ministry of Commerce and Investment will continue its initiations to improve the procedures on a regular basis and ensure ease, efficiency and effectiveness of electronic services for companies. This would improve the investment environment in the Kingdom as part of the Saudi Vision 2030 and the national transformation program 2020. And will also enhance the competitiveness in facilitating trade and business for investors. Therefore, recently the active process has been introduced to issue the companies contract electronically, without the need to attend personally to the Ministry or present any documents. An electronic connection has been established between several agencies to save both effort and time taken to establish a new company.

The notary visitation to authenticate the contract is no longer mandatory but optional and can be accomplished electronically under the company’s partners will. Also, the partners in limited liability companies will be able to establish the company and issue the commercial register electronically after depositing the cash capital in any bank within (90) days from issuance the electronic commercial register.

The Ministry of Commerce and Investment urges the investors who wish to establish their companies or transform their individual companies, to visit the E-portal or​ and benefit from the services.

Last Modified 26 Dec 2018