MCI Continues to prosecute those involved in Fraud and Counterfeiting by closing three Warehouses in Riyadh Containing Sanitary Ware, Foodstuffs and Consuming Items

23 Aug 2015
MCI inspection campaigns in Riyadh resulted in the closure of three warehouses involved in falsifying the country of origin of sanitary ware, and storing large quantities of foodstuffs and consuming items, unfit for the human consumption. Those responsible were summoned by MCI for investigation and taking the necessary legal penalties against them.

The details go back when MCI inspectors detected a warehouse in Al Faisaliah quarter, south of Riyadh, involved in selling and marketing sanitary ware made in "China" and claiming that they are made in "Spain". The inspectors monitored the lack of official licenses or a sign board for the site. More than 800 pieces of electric heater hoses were confiscated.

MCI had shut down as well a warehouse in Al Sulaiy quarter, east of Riyadh, involved in storing counterfeit and anonymous cosmetics, cream and shampoo, not bearing any trade data. 2500 packets of shampoo and 2800 Beauty cream were seized.

MCI inspectors had detected as well an unlicensed warehouse in Al Sulaiy   quarter. Some illegal labors were involved in re-packaging foodstuffs, such as rice, legumes and nuts with the presence of rodents. These items are filled inside containers that do not bear any trade data. 7500 packets, not bearing any trade data, were seized, along with the confiscation of 12,000 empty bags.

MCI had carried out inspection rounds in various regions of the Kingdom that led to the detection and confiscation of large quantities of counterfeit and adulterated consuming goods, which are re-packaged and stored by labors in purpose of counterfeiting and deceiving the consumers.

MCI would like to emphasize that it will continue its inspection rounds on warehouses and all commercial institutions, to ensure their regular work, and the absence of fraud practices and manipulation on consumers, and to stop exploiting the demand for purchase in selling and marketing any counterfeit or adulterated goods.

MCI would like all the consumers to show cooperation by reporting their complaints and observations to the Notification Center in the Ministry on 1900.

Last Modified 26 Dec 2018