MCI Launches the Second Exhibition "Know your Right" to Raise the Consumers Awareness in Jeddah

24 Oct 2014
Review and Display Important Models and Experiences for the Consumers, and Motivate them to Give Notification on Violations
MCI continues to organize awareness programs, which aim to define the consumers rights, where the second exhibition "Know your Right" will be inaugurated in Jeddah and will be held in the markets of "Red Sea Mall" and "Salam Mall", in Jeddah tomorrow Friday, 30/12/1435 AH, corresponding to 24/10/2014 AD. MCI will display various models, educational publications and interactive experiences, as well as displaying trials in the field of laboratories test on the goods and how far they conform to specifications. 

The Ministry will also provide the exhibition visitors a definition of a number of aspects related to vehicles, and the differences between the original and counterfeit spare parts, in addition to the necessary actions to be taken to maintain the vehicles, and also review the most important articles of the list of Commercial Agent's Obligations towards consumers. 

The exhibition will include awareness program and warning the consumers of the risks of the quick-profit temptations, which MCI had already warned the consumers about in a special campaign in the media, in addition to displaying interactive model illustrates the risks of investing in commercial transactions which include fraud and swindling on customers, as well as receiving the public participations about their experiences with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. 

The Ministry has also allocated, within the said exhibition, special sections to educate the children and to give them special awareness.   

MCI had launched the first awareness exhibitions last month in the markets of "Panorama" and "Granada" in Riyadh, which experienced an interactive attendance by the visitors who were briefed on the Ministry's efforts in the commercial fraud combating and consumers` protection. 

The Ministry plans to establish similar exhibitions in a number of commercial markets in: Eastern Region, Medina, Qassim,Hail and Abha. 

Part of the Exhibition “know your Right” Held by MCI, during the last period, in Riyadh​
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