MCI, recalling more than 700 Thousand Automobiles During 2015 AD

24 Jan 2016
Within MCI on -going efforts to recall the goods that have been proved to be defective due to workmanship, as per the tests and the international reliable information, MCI Recalls Center has just announced the latest statistics through its website “” or through the local newspapers and media, where 763 949 cars had been recalled during 2015 AD.  

The above mentioned site is highly interested in keeping the consumers informed about any defects or malfunction that may arise in the goods that are considered a risk to their safety, while the Ministry follows-up such defects with the global and local companies.

According to the said statistics for 2015 AD, the total recalls of various consuming goods reached 240 recalls. Cars recorded the highest number of recalls (224), while the remaining (16) recalls included electrical and electronic devices, and others. More than 350 announcements had been published for such recalls in the local newspapers.

The largest number of recall had been announced for 100 548 Toyota Camry cars model 2007 - 2011 due to a defect in the window keys that may cause electric short.

Among the most prominent car recalls was the recalling of 65 140 Toyota Corolla cars, model 2006-2011 for adding a Smart Break System to limit vehicle acceleration, as well as recalling 15964 Honda Accord cars, Model 2015- 2016 due to a defect in the engine that may produce annoying sound or engine failure, and the most important recall was for 2504 Hyundai Genesis cars, Model 2015 due to the possibility of air leakage in the tires that may lead to its damage.

As part of the Ministry's interest in pursuing the defects and malfunction of the electrical and electronic appliances and devices, 83 691 Apple iPhone 6 Plus devices had been recalled, due to a malfunction of the rear camera that may cause taking blurry pictures, in addition to recalling a set of Al Madinah Cables that may become over heated and cause fire, also recalling all Beats Pill XL headphones, due to a defect in the battery that may lead to bursting.

It is worth mentioning that the Ministry of Commerce and Industry had set up a special website for recalls early 2013 AD. This is part of its permanent keenness on providing the necessary information that affects the safety of consumers. Those interested are kindly invited to visit and browse the website on this link:

Last Modified 26 Dec 2018