Consumer Call Center (1900) received more than 800 thousand Calls during 2016 AD, as announced by MCI

24 Jan 2017
MCI Received 884. 678 calls through the Consumer Call Center during 2016 AD, the Ministry responded immediately to such calls and did the necessary follow-up till the end. Meanwhile, the reports and complaints, relevant to other party, had been forwarded to the competent authorities.
According to the annual statistics of the Consumer Call Center, the complaint reports amounted to 323.275 of the total calls received by C.C.C.1900, or through the application of a Commercial Violation Report, or through MCI website, or via the social networking, thus the complaint reports equal to 36% of the total calls.
Most consumer complaints were relevant to the lack of commitment to after-sale services, as well as the provision of spare parts and maintenance, also non-compliance with the terms of the warranty, violations of return and replacement, the absence of a price tag on the product, in addition to fake promotional ads, the presence of manufacturing defects in some products, the difference between the price on the shelf and that at the cashier, also overpricing of foodstuffs and some luxury goods.
Notably, the complaint reports, relating to anti-commercial fraud, registered the highest rate of 165. 623 reports, while the complaint reports relevant to commercial agencies reached 110. 492 reports, the complaint reports of public services and real estate offices amounted to 44.635 reports, besides the complaint reports relevant to cover up reached 2.525 reports. The Ministry received the highest complaint reports from Riyadh, followed by Makkah Region, then Asir region, then the Eastern Region and finally Qassim region.
The Ministry of Commerce and Investment has been following up and analyzing the consumer complaints constantly to know and find solutions to the obstacles facing the consumer, as well as monitoring the changes in the patterns of the consumer’s complaint reports to see how far the awareness and public policies adopted had affected the consumer protection.
It is worth mentioning that the Consumer Call Center is specialized in receiving the complaint reports, then to be followed-up automatically and keep in touch with the inspectors until the end of the case. Meanwhile, all the work is done by using smart devices that contribute in accomplishing the work quickly and in a record time.
MCI is keen and interested in the consumer’s protection, therefore all the consumers are kindly requested to report any violation through the toll free No. 1900, or through the application of a Commercial Violation Report, by using their smartphones, they can upload photos  and the location of the violation  directly , they can review as well the recalling of goods and have an idea about the campaigns launched by the Ministry and the news relevant to consumers, since the application is easily used.
MCI would like to confirm its permanent interest and endeavor to consider and follow up all consumer complaint reports, and take the necessary measures in record time, indicating at the same time its intention to exert the efforts in order to provide an organized business environment that keep the rights of consumers and protect them from any harmful practices.

Last Modified 26 Dec 2018