Rest-House Stormed for Malpractices Related to Packaging of Flour, in Hafr Al-Batin

24 Jun 2013
​Foreigners sell the commodity with well-established counterfeit brands to cheat consumers
Inspection teams of MCI, recently, stormed a rest house, in Hafr Al-Batin, which employed foreigners to package flour in sacks of other well-established brands, in order to promote them in the markets, selling them at too much high prices, in a sheer broad day-light violation, to cheat consumers.
Moreover, the checked-in commodities, do not hold dates of validity or expiry. The quantity has been confiscated.
As soon as the team, in charge, received a report on the offend, it, swiftly, moved to the mentioned spot, where it managed to caught the culprits, red-handed. 
Investigation with the owner of the rest house and the foreigners, exposed a lot of condemning details, which has been filed to investigating authorities.
On the other hand, MCI reaffirmed, it will continue with such inspection round, in marketplaces, warehouses and installations to guarantee malpractices' free market
Last Modified 26 Dec 2018