According to MCI Inspection Tours,92% of the Motor Workshops and Outlets, Selling Oil, Filters, Tires and Batteries, Show Commitment to Consumer Protection Systems

24 Jul 2019

The Inspections Tours carried out by MCI Inspection & Control Teams revealed the commitment of 92% of the motor workshops and outlets, selling automotive oil filters, tires, batteries and motor oils, to consumer protection systems, namely: The Anti-Commercial Fraud Law, The Trade Data System and the Trademark System.

The Ministry has pointed out that the inspection teams have carried out inspection tours on automotive markets recently, to inspect various car products, such as automotive oil, filters, tires, batteries and motor oils. These inspection tours covered 3,117 establishments in different regions of the Kingdom, to verify and ensure the commitment of these establishments with the Rules & Regulations.

The results of the inspection tours showed that 2,875 establishments are committed to the regulations, representing 92% of the total inspected establishments, while the total number of the non-committed establishments reached 242, representing 8% of the total number. Accordingly, instant violation notices have been released, and those responsible are summoned by MCI for taking the necessary legal measures.

The violations included the absence of a price tag, as well as offering and selling expired and used tires, motor oils, batteries and filters, also there are differences in the trade data, besides abstaining of giving invoices.

MCI would like to confirm that the inspection teams will continue their duties, to verify the compliance of the establishments with the Consumer Protection Systems. Legal measures shall be taken against any violations, besides imposing the proper penalties on the violators.

MCI calls on all consumers to report any observations, and lodge their complaints through MCI Consumer Call Center (1900) or through the application of a Commercial Violation Report, or via the Ministry's website.

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Last Modified 29 Jul 2019