The Geographic and Strategic Location, Raw Land and Smart Technologies Make NEOM the Destination of the Future, as announced by H.E. Dr. Al Qasabi

24 Oct 2017
H. E. the Minister of Commerce and Investment, Dr. Majid bin Abdullah Al Qasabi, confirmed that NEOM project is characterized by its important geographic location, linking the continents of the world, on a raw land that will be built from scratch, with smart technologies that will change the face of the world in the near future.

H. E. Dr. Al Qasabi explained that this giant project will be built from scratch on a raw land, which will provide investment opportunities, distinguished by the future technologies and coexistence of population. H.E pointed out that this special region has been designed to outperform the major global cities in terms of competitiveness and lifestyle. NEOM is expected to become a leading center for the whole world.

H.E. added that the geographic and strategic location of NEOM project will make it an investment target for all international companies, as it is located in the northwest of the Kingdom. It will include land within Egyptian and Jordanian borders. It will facilitate the zone’s rapid emergence as a global hub that connects Asia, Europe, Africa and America, enabling 70% of the world population to reach it in under eight hours. NEOM offers many development and investment opportunities within a total area of 26,500 km2.

NEOM geographical location is characterized by its proximity to international markets and the global trade routes, where the Red Sea passes about 10% of the world trade traffic. NEOM enjoys the stunning terrain, which include, pristine beaches stretching over an area of more than 460 km, along the Red Sea coast, overlooking many islands of fantastic nature, breathtaking mountains, Picturesque, calm and beautiful desert. NEOM also offers multiple benefits to companies and stimulates innovation inside a regulatory environment, supported by   encouraging business laws and procedures, besides excellent infrastructure that mimics the future and places MAN as a top priority.

H.E. Dr. Al-Qasabi explained that NEOM is a smart city-based project, based on modern technologies to serve MAN to live the future. It offers several advantages in a high-standard living environment, with world-class standards and technology-based civil services in the health, education, transportation, entertainment and others. NEOM creates job opportunities and paves the way for development.

H.E. Dr. Al Qasabi added "Our country has enormous investment capabilities that can promote and enhance the economic gains. We are moving forward confidently and steadily through a huge program aimed at development, innovation, creativity and change. Actually, our ambition is unlimited and we are keen to invest in smart technologies, taking into consideration the global talent and the world economy.

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