H.E. Minister of Commerce and Investment Announces that the Corporate Growth in Makkah Province has reached 24%, while the Establishments by 14% over 3 years

25 Mar 2019


H.E. the Minister of Commerce and Investment, Dr. Majid bin Abdullah Al Qassabi, revealed that the growth of corporate reached 24% and the Establishments by 14% in Makkah province during the past three years. This comes as a result of the improvements and reforms that the business sector had witnessed during the last period.

During his meeting at the 2nd Session of Makkah Economic Forum, H.E. Dr. Al Qasabi said that Makkah region has witnessed a remarkable growth in the total number of companies and establishments. Accordingly, 259,994 commercial registrations had been issued in the past three years to 220,571 Establishments with a growth rate of 14% , including as well 39,423 Companies, by growth rate of 24%.

MCI has revealed that Makkah Region ranked the second largest region in the Kingdom, after Riyadh in terms of the total Companies and Establishments. Makkah has 25% of the current total companies and 23% of the total Establishments.

It is worth mentioning that MCI has implemented a number of reforms and improvements to the business environment, aiming at facilitating the start of business, as well as enabling the businessman to set up a company within 30 minutes. MCI has provided 62 e-services, and provided as well model Customer Service Centers, taking into consideration the concept of a comprehensive employee.

MCI has recently issued a number of decisions in favor of the companies, such as: Cancelling the issuance of sub-Commercial Registrations for the  establishments that carry out similar activities in the same area, also amending the Regulations relevant to Commercial Registration and the Corporate System, as well as MCI has enabled concluding the assemblies of the boards of directors for Closed Joint Stock Companies without prior approval of the Ministry, besides providing the Partners' Decision Service, in addition to getting the Commercial Registration online.

As part of facilitating the start-up of business, all the concerned authorities have been linked with "Meras" Platform, which now offers more than 112 e-services, provided by 21 government authorities.

Last Modified 26 Mar 2019