For the Protection of Consumers, MCI Starts its Inspection Tours on the Smart Scooter (Hover Board)

25 Apr 2016
​MCI has started earlier this week implementing inspection tours on the shops and outlets selling the electric smart scooter (Hover Board) to verify commitment with the Anti- Commercial Fraud Law, and the Trade Data System, and to ascertain the extent of compliance with the provisions of the Ministerial Decree issued to organize the sale of such electric device.

The inspection tours aim at ensuring the conformity of smart scooter with the standards, conditions and requirements of safety. This is for providing the necessary protection for consumers. The tours will focus on the presence of the trade mark, the model number and check the electric power (220-127) volts.

The Ministry had already issued a Ministerial Decree to organize the sale of electric scooter "Hover Board", indicating the risk arising from using such device, the Ministry drew the public attention not to consider this device as a child's toy, because it may pose a risk to the lives of children and it may cause serious injuries, the said decree prevented offering or selling such device in the markets and toy shops, the sale to be limited on sport supply shops only.

MCI would like to ask all consumers to be cautious and not to buy any Hover Board from street vendors or any unknown party, who do not provide invoices or warranty, since keeping such documents is very important.

The Ministry also draws the consumers` attention to the risks of lithium batteries, which might cause fires. To avoid these situations, it is recommended not to leave the scooter in charging mode during sleep, and not to re-charge it after using it directly, because the battery will be over heated and thus ignition may happen, especially if the battery of bad type, it is recommended to leave the device for a while to be cooled and then to be recharged.

Commitment to safety measures, such as wearing a helmet, hands and feet pads, is of high importance. Therefore, MCI recommends that the smart scooter not to be used in the streets and public roads, and users should take caution of the presence of dust, sand, holes, bumps or neglected pieces in the road, such as timber or bushes that may lead to a sharp slip and fall, (God forbid).

Last Modified 26 Dec 2018