Real Estate Schemes Refund 40% to Subscribers of Fajr Abha

27 Jan 2013
​MCI Real Estate Schemes Committee has begun disbursing 40.12 per cent of the capital of Fajr Abha scheme, as step towards fully restoring their equities, in both the capital and dividends, following completing selling of the scheme real estate plot.
The Committee's secretariat called on all subscribers, in case of default (their rights not appeared deposited) to pass check them at any branch of Bank Al-Bilad, Kingdom wide, holding their IDs and all relevant original documents proving their rights and to update their IBAN, in other banks, to remit their rights, ASAP.
In a related development, the committee, on its endeavor to liquidate all such schemes, has sold Kunuz Jeddah scheme to A. Al-Mihaidib & Sons co, at SR 165 per sq.m. at a total sum of SR 82,500,000 for the whole size of the plot. Furthermore, it begins fully liquidating Durat Al-Awali scheme in Makkah and disbursed subscribers' rights, in addition to profits of  65%.
Last Modified 26 Dec 2018