MCI values Turkish investigation authority’s effort to end the allegations of dumping combat against Saudi Arabia

28 Jun 2016
The Ministry of Commerce and Investment appreciated the justice of Turkish investigation authority after stopping the allegations of market dumping against Saudi imports of Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene Films (BOPP), without requiring any charges. There was no sufficient evidence that the Saudi products were dumping the Turkish markets and causing any damages to the local products.  

MCI praise the special relations between Saudi Arabia and Turkey and the continuous efforts of its leaders to enhance and develop economic and trade ties. Pointing out that active dumping combat will ensure the existence of Saudi product without damaging the turkish products and will guarantee a fair competition in light of international trade between the two countries.  

The investigations on this lawsuit started October 2014 followed by a visit from a Turkish investigation team to Saudi Arabia in 2015 to verify the provided information with the presence of trade processing specialists from MCI to assist in the case. 

The Turkish authority pronounced an initial judgment in 2016 that obligate Saudi exported (BOPP) with 41.13% charges to comate market dumping.

In collaboration efforts between MCI, the Saudi ambassador in Ankara and the company involved, both the Kingdom and the company explained with transparency and clarity the situation and provided all necessary documents and information to the Turkish investigation team during their visit to Sudi Arabia. 

Following to the rules and the agreements of the World Trade Organization, the Turkish authority ended the investigation, ceased the charges implementation and suppress working with this judgment.   
Last Modified 26 Dec 2018