An Abundance of Goods and Products in the Holy Places and all Food Supplies for Pilgrims are under Control and Follow up by MCI

28 Aug 2017
MCI Continued its Tasks and Intensified the Control and Inspection in Makkah, Medina and the Holy Places
The Ministry of Commerce and Investment confirmed the abundance of goods and products within its comprehensive plan to follow up the entry and provision of food supplies for pilgrims and visitors of the Holy Places in Makkah and Medina in coordination with the concerned government agencies and the private sector. It has been recommended to raise daily reports about the provision situation under direct supervision and follow-up by His Excellency the Minister of Commerce and Investment.

Meanwhile, MCI Inspection Teams, participating in this pilgrimage season 1438 AH, continue to carry out their tasks and functions by intensifying the control and inspection on shops, booths, refrigerated vehicles and patrol trucks, loaded with food supplies and commodities. So that to ensure the availability, validity and quality of food supplies and consuming items, and how far the prices are suitable for the pilgrims.

The Ministry holds the responsibility of coordination with the relevant government authorities. Such as the principality of Makkah, Public Security, the Secretariat of the Holy Capital, the General Establishment for Cereals and the Islamic Development Bank, as well as the Chambers of Commerce in Makkah and the private sector, so as to provide all the needs and requirements of the pilgrims in Makkah, Medina and the Holy Places.

Engr. Abdul-Ellah bin Mushait, supervisor of Hajj works, Director of Commerce and Investment in Makkah Region, said that the main features of the Ministry's catering plan for this Hajj season represented in the estimation of the quantity of food supplies to be provided for the pilgrims. Also to make the necessary coordination with the private sector regarding the targeted number of shops and booths, besides the estimation of the quantity of ready-made meals.

In order to provide the best services to the pilgrims, the Ministry coordinates with factories, companies and institutions, including ice factories, ready-made and fast food companies, dairy, juices, bakeries, livestock companies, tents and furniture shops, for providing all the pilgrims’ needs. The Ministry is working to prepare and facilitate the entry of 40 feet refrigerated vehicles, with sufficient number, to the Holy Places.

Last Modified 26 Dec 2018