MCI calls on those Interested to Express their Views on the Draft of the Guiding Policies for the Merchant- Consumer Relationship

29 Oct 2014
MCI invites those interested and the public to express their views and suggestions on the draft of the Guiding Policies for the merchant-consumer relationship, through its website, before Thursday, 27/01/1436 AH, corresponding to 20/11/2014 AD, MCI indicates the pursuit of those policies to provide a typical, specific and clear documentation, that may help the merchant and the consumer on arranging the effects that would arise as a result of the transactions concluded among themselves, taking into account the rights of the consumer and at the same time preserving the interests of the merchant. 

This comes from the Ministry's desire to provide an environment that would help in providing the necessary care of the consumer affairs and protecting him against harmful practices, at the same time preserving the interests of the merchant, and encouraging the exercise of economic activities in the light of fair trade and free competition. Therefore, MCI has prepared a draft Guiding Policies for the merchant-consumer relationship. 
The guiding policies specialize in clothing and textiles, jewelry, precious metals, antiques, precious items and the like. The policies documents contain provisions concerning returning the non-defective item and taking back the price or to be replaced, and returning the defective Item and taking back the price or to be replaced, as well as the guarantee of the item, the disclosure of the shop policy, the down payment, the bill, the service charges, and the usage instructions.  

These policies to be placed on a board inside the shop or to be placed at the back of the bill, such policies are consisted of two aspects: The first one is binding in terms of the law and the applied system, due to the presence of an official text, and the second is a trade policy, the merchant aims to provide through it some advantages to his customers. 
MCI calls on all those interested to participate and to express their opinions through visiting this link: Click here​​
Last Modified 26 Dec 2018