MCI Recalls Al Madinah Cables and Recommends to stop using it

28 Nov 2015
Buyers are asked to return such Product in Violation and to recover their Amounts Immediately
MCI announced recalling specific types of cables, produced by Al Madinah Cables Factory Co., due to non-conformity with the Saudi Standards and Specifications. Thus leading to heating and combustion of the cable, and then may cause a fire (God forbid), in addition to the lack of their real length, compared with the data recorded on the product.

MCI called on all consumers to stop immediately using such cables, confirming that all those who previously bought the said cables, can return them back to the seller, and get back their full amounts, even if the cables were used, since they constitute a risk on their safety.

This came after MCI had halted the production line of Al Madinah Cables Factory Co., since the results of the performance test had proved non-conformity of some specific types of such cables with the Saudi Standards and Specifications.

MCI would like to emphasize its permanent and continuous follow up on all products and materials offered for sale in various regions of the Kingdom, as well as to ensure the absence of any risk or threat on the safety of consumers.

MCI calls on all consumers to report about any shop or sale outlet, selling or marketing such cables by contacting the toll free number 1900, or through the application of a Commercial Notification.

Last Modified 26 Dec 2018