From the 7th Bosphorus Summit in Istanbul, H.E. MCI Minister Thanks Jaafar al-Qahtani for Lodging a Complaint against a Warehouse Forging the Validity of Foodstuffs in Riyadh

29 Nov 2016
Concurrently with the arrival of the Saudi delegation to the 7th Bosphorus Summit in Istanbul, Turkey, headed by H.E. the Minister of Commerce and Investment, Dr. Majid bin Abdullah Al Qasabi, MCI inspection teams detected a warehouse forging the validity of rotten foodstuffs in Riyadh, after lodging a complaint by a citizen to MCI Consumer Call Center (1900).
H.E. Al Qasabi immediately phoned the citizen, Jaafar al-Qahtani, and expressed his thanks and appreciation on behalf of all MCI staff and inspectors, stressing the importance of the permanent cooperation between the citizens and the Ministry in reporting any commercial violation, that may pose a threat to the health and safety of consumers.
On his behalf, the citizen Jaafar Al Qahtani gave his thanks to H.E. the Minister of Commerce and investment for the rapid response of the inspection teams, since they were present at the offending site in record time, despite the rainfall and the difficulties in the traffic in Riyadh that evening.
On Monday evening, MCI inspectors responded to a complaint received by the Consumer Call Center, regarding a warehouse in Riyadh, involved in forging the validity of expired foodstuffs, through modifying the expiry dates. All legal procedures are being processed, and the offenders have been referred to security authorities, till the completion of the offense procedure, and then imposing the legal penalties against the violators.

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