The Saudi Contractors Authority Held its First Board of Directors Meeting, Attended by H.E. the Minister of Commerce and Industry

29 Dec 2015
During the First Session, Engr. Osama Al Afaleq was elected as a Chairman & Engr. Yassir Al Dehaim as the Vice-Chairman
The Board of Directors of the Saudi Contractors Authority held its first meeting in the Ministry`s Headquarters, on Tuesday 18.03.1437 AH, corresponding to 29.12.2015 AD, with the presence of H. E. the Minister of Commerce and Industry Dr. Tawfiq Bin Fawzan Al Rabiah. According to the Authority`s R&R, and through ballot, the first session witnessed the election of Engr. Osama bin Hasan Al Afaleq as a Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Saudi Contractors Authority, while Engr. Yasser bin Abdulrahman Al Dehaim was elected as a Vice-Chairman.
The meeting started with a word delivered by H.E. the Minister of Commerce and Industry, welcomed the attendants and wished success to all in achieving the goals and aspirations that would develop the contracting sector in the Kingdom and would raise the level of the employees of this profession.

The First Session Agenda was discussed. Then, the attendants listened to the views and ideas of the Board of Directors members on the said authority, in addition to displaying a number of working papers presented by the Board of Directors members.
The meeting was attended by all Board of Directors members, as folows: Dr. Ahmed bin Othman Al Qassabi, Engr. Osama Bin Hasan Al Afaleq, Mr. Sa`eed Bin Mohammed Al-Zahrani, Mr. Tariq bin Mohammed Al Fawzan, Engr. Abdul Hakim bin Amer Mustafa, Mr. Fahd bin Mohammed Al Hammadi, Engr. Mou`az bin Mohammed Al Suhaibani, Engr. Muammar bin Sajdi Al Atawi, Engr. Yasser bin Abdul Rahman Al Dehaim, Engr. Yasser bin Abdul Aziz Haqabani.

The meeting was also attended by MCI representative Dr. Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Qasim.
It is worth mentioning that the Saudi Contractors Authority was founded by the Council of Ministers Decree No. 510 dated 23.11.1436 AH, approving the organization of the said authority, and granting H.E. the Minister of Commerce and Industry the power to form the first Board of Directors, provided that the members to be of those interested in the profession of contracting.
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