MCI Inspectors Carried out Inspection Rounds during King Abdul Aziz Camel Festival

31 Jan 2018
MCI Inspectors carried out inspection tours including more than 250 sales outlets during the event of King Abdul Aziz Camel Festival. The inspection tours included fuel stations and sales outlets on the roads leading to the festival village, as well as the outlets inside the village.

The inspection teams seized a number of counterfeit products that did not comply with the Saudi standards and specifications including (phone chargers, creams, and electrical connections). The inspectors monitored as well the absence of Commercial Registration and the failure to place the price tag on the items. Therefore, the legal procedures had been taken against the violators. 

MCI participation at King Abdul Aziz Camel Festival comes from its keenness and interest to verify the availability of sufficient stock of commodities and fuel that would meet the need and requirements of the visitors, besides ensuring the quality and validity of the offered foodstuffs.

Last Modified 26 Dec 2018