For the Development of after Sale Services, MCI Distributes a Questionnaire to Measure & Survey Consumer's Awareness about Recalling Defective Products

31 May 2017
Aiming at Protecting and Maintaining Consumer's Rights and Attaining a Fair Competitive Environment

The Ministry of Commerce and Investment has distributed a questionnaire that measures consumers' awareness, relevant to recalling defective products and goods, so that to make the necessary study and survey, and then discuss the results of the questionnaire with the various agencies and manufacturers, in order to improve and develop after sale services level in the Kingdom.
The questionnaire consists of four main parts, starting with the consumer's awareness of his rights and duties in the campaigns of recalling the defective products, announced by the ministry, followed by the most important media used to reach the consumer, then evaluating the consumer's experience with the recalling campaigns and the mechanisms of communication with the agent or manufacturer, finally evaluate and measure the consumer's satisfaction about the customer services, related to the campaigns of recalling defective products.
This is part of the Ministry's keenness to organize and develop after-sale services in the Kingdom, and for attaining a fair competitive environment, consequently raising the level of services provided to the consumer. This comes under the initiative of "Establishing a Recalling Center for Defective Goods", which is one of MCI initiatives within the National Transformation Program 2020.
The initiative is based on setting-up and operating a specialized center to follow up the consumer's complaints, and solve any problems related to products locally and internationally, also following up and analyzing the manufacturers' notices, consequently recalling the defective products.
This initiative aims to promote the consumer's safety, also to ensure and maintain his rights and to reduce the financial dissipation of the national economy.
MCI calls on all consumers to participate in the questionnaire through the Ministry's website, via the following link:
Last Modified 26 Dec 2018