MCI is starting next week inspection tours to make sure of the application of Energy Efficiency Card for air conditioners

26 Dec 2013
MCI Called on all consumers to make sure of the presence of such cards on the air conditioners due to their impact on reducing the invoice value. 
MCI will start next week , the first of January , corresponding to 29/02/1435 AH, The    Campaign for The Mandatory Application of Energy Efficiency Card in the markets , through conducting inspection rounds on the markets and stores that sell air conditioners to make sure of the presence of the said card on all air conditioners displayed for sale, check also the commitment of the importers and the local manufacturers of the minimum number of stars, ensure that the shoddy and bad air conditioners were withdrawn from the markets, this is in accordance with the Center of Energy Efficiency and the Standards and Specifications Organization, which set the minimum limits. 

The Cards of Energy Efficiency that the commercial establishments will be required to put them on the air conditioners, show the minimum of stars that should be available in each type of the devices, four stars in the split a/c , and three stars in the window a/c . 

The Ministry stressed that it will not allow the sale of violating air conditioners after the expiry of the deadline and the start of the inspection tours on markets, calling on all consumers to make sure that the Energy Efficiency Card is available on the air conditioners before buying them, because they contribute to the reduction of electric power consumption, and thus reducing the invoice value up to 30% per cent. 

This comes within the framework of joint coordination among the Saudi Center for Energy Efficiency, the Saudi Standards, Specifications and Quality Organization, the     Saudi Customs, and a number of the concerned government authorities, in order to improve the Energy Efficiency in the K.S.A., the design of special programs to increase Energy Efficiency and to  overcome the obstacles and difficulties encountered .

The Saudi Standards, Specifications​ and Quality Organization has developed a number of conditions and controls to ensure the efficiency of energy consumption in the electrical appliances , the Board of Directors in the S.S.S.Q.O. approved the modification in the Saudi Mandatory Specification number (2663/2007) special for the requirements of the Energy Efficiency Cards  and the minimum  efficiency of energy consumption for air conditioners .

MCI calls on all consumers to cooperate with it and to report any case of the absence of Energy Efficiency Card on air conditioners in the shops , by calling the Report Center in the Ministry on the phone No. 800 124 1616
Last Modified 26 Dec 2018