The Saudi Commercial Attaché in China returns to a Saudi businessman his money

03 Dec 2013
​A Saudi businessman could recover the value of a commercial transaction for goods in China from the company he entrusted to complete the purchase and to export the goods to Saudi Arabia. The money recovery had been achieved by the grace of God and the efforts of the Commercial Attaché in Beijing, and the support of the Embassy of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, which has been supporting the Saudi businessmen and saving their rights abroad.
The back details of the case can be briefed by a complaint submitted by a Saudi businessman to the Commercial Attaché in Beijing, stating that he had made money transfer to a company in China for the purchase and shipment of goods to him , and that after the company had received the amounts, they ignored his contacts, e-mails and other attempts to reach the company. He tried to ask the help of the Chinese authorities , but in vain , this had forced him to travel to China to solve the problem and to contact  the Commercial Attaché in Beijing who in turn verified and treated the case and succeeded in the  recovery of rights for the Saudi merchant. 
It is worth mentioning that the Saudi Commercial Attachés abroad have always sought to urge the Saudi businessmen through the chambers` board to communicate with them directly before making any commercial transaction because in some cases these transactions belong to fake and fraud companies or to adulteration act.
Last Modified 26 Dec 2018