MCI Closes the 3rd Perfumes' Factory, Pirating De Luxe Perfumes

02 Sep 2013
41 thousand various size bottles confiscated, owner investigated
MCI closed the third local perfume distillation web, pirating de luxe brands, within four months, following storming it in southern Riyadh, where workers inside were caught while brewing fake international brands of perfumes to be sold in the local marketplaces, as Made in France, in a sheer cheating and deceiving practice. As many as 41 thousand bottle were confiscated and the owner has been called to MCI headquarters, prior to submitting the case to the Investigation and Prosecution Bureau.
The move came, following inspection rounds by the MCI teams at a number of factories in Riyadh, to check their activities, in addition to a response to a number of reports, in this regard.
Seized items included 8 thousand bottles, ready to be sold, more than 34 packs of different and various empty bottles to be filled, labels reading Made in France and various packing cans, in addition, some specimen have been sent to labs, in order to check their ingredients.
It appeared during the round, that the factory was run by foreign staff, which strike deals with a number of distributers to market them to shops.
MCI has closed, last week, a local factory in Khumrah, southern Jeddah, which make local perfumes and selling them, in order to cheat, by putting Made in France labels on them, where as many as 72 thousand bottles were seized and confiscated, samples sent to labs to examine them, prior to demolish them. The owner was called to MCI for investigation, in order to complete legal procedures of submitting the case to the Investigation and Prosecution Bureau.
 In another development, it has stormed a flat in Riyadh, recently, run by illegal employees that making perfumes out of non-safe cosmetics, promoting them as world brands, at marketplaces, in order to cheat the consumer. 
The Ministry made it clear that it will not hesitate with those who are making or displaying fraud commodities of items, or not abide by the services prescribed to guarantee commodities and that it will apply legal penalties on violators.
This is a day broad light hoax, deception of consumer and a fraud against the nature of the products and counterfeit of goods, MCI remarked.
MCI has pointed out that these on-field inspection rounds on factories and markets, aim at a free misleading market practices and behavior that harm the consumer, via ongoing leading of fraud and, frequent, displaying counterfeit goods and commodities, across the Kingdom.
The public is invited to report their complaints and remarks to Reports' Center of MCI and call phone:
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