MCI Closes Warehouse to Produce Counterfeit Medical Cushions, Confiscates 3 Thousand Pillows, Sachets

02 Oct 2013
Foiled disposal of the quantity, in Dammam, Followed up distributed items, at marketplaces
MCI teams stormed a warehouse, in Dammam, used as store and factory to produce medical cushions, in mass quantities and pirating renowned medical trade brands, to promote them as Made in U.S.A and U.A.E, alike, along with consumer misleading phrases alleging of being medicine-related, a 7 years guarantee, consequently, about 3 thousand cushion and sachets were confiscated, the shop has been closed, while those in charge, have been called to apply legal sanctions against. 
Inspection teams of the MCI have made extensive mopping rounds at warehouses, in Dammam, and found this warehouse which was provided with a lot if anonymous cotton large quantities, packing equipment, in addition to Asian employees who were undertaking the tasks of filling and sewing, inside.
Following the checking of the seized quantities, it appeared that the employees have committed counterfeit of the brands, consumer cheating and distributing some made quantities as world-standard products and the remainder was immediately, confiscated, while the warehouse was closed, too.
Among seized items on the spot: Ready to sale as many as 4 thousand cushions, following packing it, Blue star belts, a lot of various textiles rolls, ready to be cut and tailored and  ready cushions for sale, following attaching violating tags on more than 25 thousand sachets.
Among seized items, there were machines for pressing, sewing machines for an integrated production line, in addition to what have been noticed by the controllers, that the site lacked healthy preconditions, as the employees put the cotton and the textiles on the earth, with a lot of dust around, besides that the employees are not well trained and lack medical certificates.
MCI is chasing, now, the distributed items, at marketplaces, in order to confiscate them.
It will not tolerate offering fraudulent goods, manipulation of consumer's health and safety and/ or non-commitment  to the services set forth to guarantee the commodities and will apply the right regulatory sanctions, MCI said.
The Ministry emphasizes on continued regulatory tours at markets and food warehouses, shops, factories and all commercial establishments, to ensure their abidance by the regular work, the absence of fraud-relating practices, and circumvent of the consumer.
MCI calls consumers to report complaints and observations to the communications center at the ministry on the number 8,001,241,616. 
Last Modified 26 Dec 2018