MCI Teams Closes Store for Promoting Expired Cosmetics

22 May 2013

​As many as 18 thousand units destroyed

MCI inspection teams stormed a warehouse storing a great quantity of expired cosmetics, closed it and destroyed as many as 18 thousand units.


The case has been submitted to the prosecution authorities, as it constitutes flagrant violation, fraud and endangers the safety of consumers. 

Demolishing of that quantity was a preemptive action, in order to prevent them of reaching to the markets, as employees in the den are used to mix the expired with new ones, and sell them.

Inspection teams closed the den with red seal, prior to the final counter check of the seized commodities, as a lot of them are expired for more than two years.

These teams are keeping their eyes, day and night, wide open and vigilant to oversee all trade sectors in the Kingdom, to guarantee the safety of consumer, to contribute in maintaining public order by transfer the cases to law enforcing bodies and to protect local market stability.

Last Modified 26 Dec 2018