The committee of selling real estate units on the map follow up the projects that already have got licenses

07 Oct 2013
 by making visits and tours for such projects which contain 16303 units.
supervisory functions on the real estate development projects that are running early sales before or during the period of construction through its field  visits to a number of projects which already have taken licenses for selling  real estate units on the map as part of its commitment to the success and follow up of the projects  and to achieve the objectives of the Committee's efforts to preserve the rights of buyers and developers through the regulations and procedures that ensure the raise of transparency`s level  in the real estate market and reduce the cost of acquiring real estate units as well as  develop and stimulate the spirit of competition among the developers and contractors of real estate units to contribute for increasing units  supply through the development of their projects.

The delegation representing the  Committee visited the real estate projects under execution in the cities of Riyadh,  Eastern Region and​  Western Region   to follow up the work of those projects more closely. During the visits, they  discussed the latest developments in the housing projects carried out by the real estate development companies . 

They discussed as well the periodic reports issued by  the certified accountant and the engineering consultant authorized   by the Committee for each project.

To enhance its role in the follow-up of projects, the Committee will continue its field visits and tours on other projects .The Committee is also considering a number of other applications for licenses for selling units on a map and work on checking all the necessary conditions and requirements for  granting  licenses for the applying projects.  

It is worth mentioning that the number of units of real estate projects licensed for selling real estate units on a map reach until 24/11/1434 H. , 30/09/2013G. ( 16303 )  units.  For more information about these projects and units, please refer to MCI site : /osc
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