The Ministry of Commerce and Industry confiscated corrupted and rotten foodstuffs and consuming commodities from Al Bahamarkets

07 Oct 2013
More than 2,000 kg and 300 packages displayed for sale were destroyed.
The Ministry of Commerce and Industry Confiscated some corrupted, rotten and expired foodstuffs and consuming commodities displayed for sale at the wholesale markets and shops in Al Baha . All corrupted and rotten commodities were destroyed immediately and the owners were called for investigation and to complete the necessary official procedures.  

The MCI inspection teams in Al BahaDistrict have conducted extensive   on- field rounds at markets and stores in the district, to ensure the safety and validity of commodities displayed for sale to consumers and that they are free of any violation or malpractices, as well as they follow up the complaints received by the Reports center at MCI   for keeping the rights of consumers.

The inspection on-field rounds  have shown that a large number of goods in some shops​ have been damaged by poor storage , in addition to the existence of other commodities which are not valid  for human consumption.  
The items included 2,000 kg of expired foodstuffs and they are: dairy products, juices, and spices, and more than 300 different packages of other expired consumables.

MCI confirms that it will not be lenient with those who are fiddling with health and safety of consumers, or those who are supplying counterfeit items, or not abide by the set services to guarantee the validity of commodities, as it will impose legal penalties against them.

It asserts, too, that the inspection on-field rounds will be continued at marketplaces, shops, foodstuff warehouses, factories and all commercial and industrial facilities, to be ascertained of their legality and being free of malpractices of cheating and deception harmful to consumers, exploiting the buying spree to sell and market rotten and expired items.

All consumers are called to send their complaints, reports and remarks to MCI, by calling Consumer's Reports' Center's phone no: 800 124 1616
Last Modified 26 Dec 2018