MCI Confiscate 10 Thousand Chargers at Marketplaces, among Inspection Rounds to Check Duped Electrical Appliances

10 Sep 2013
​Including chargers, links at wholesales' markets, in Bat'ha, Mursalat
MCI carried out extensive inspection rounds targeting a number of electrical appliances and mobiles, which culminated in confiscating more than 10170 units of cheated chargers and a lot of plugs and electrical links, all non-conformed to the Saudi standards.
Three shops, consequently, have been closed, during the storming of wholesales' markets in Bat'ha and Mursalat, while their owners have been called to be investigated for violating Anti Commercial Fraud Law.
While observers have reported the tricky techniques practiced by some rogues, such as manipulating commercial names and brands, in order to mislead shoppers through modifying some letters, and sell the items as if they are genuine and exploiting iPhone cans through inserting pirated chargers inside them and cheating consumers, all in all, to deceive.
MCI aims, through this campaign to limit selling of pirated and beguiled electrical as well as electronic appliances, particularly those heavily jeopardizing consumers' life. It also targets exposing deceiving means used to cheat consumers.
Checking these items and detecting their dealers and importers, alike, aim to impose all sanctions on the offenders, for their fraud in the market, smuggling at crossings and manipulating conformity certificates, in the country of the origin, in full collaboration with the Customs Dept. and the Specification and Standardization Commission.
No leniency shall be expected, the ministry said, in applying legal punishment against those involved in cheating and any activity that would jeopardize the health and safety of consumers.
The public is invited to report their complaints and remarks to Reports' Center of MCI and call phone: 800 124 1616.
Last Modified 26 Dec 2018