The Ministry of Commerce and Industry holds Al Kaaki Bakeryplant for underweight bread and child labor

12 Oct 2013
MCI inspection tours have revealed the following: During the pilgrimage season this year in Mecca,  and through the reports received from the General Organization for Grain Silos and Flour Mills st​ating the existence of violations in  Al Kaaki Bakery plant by reducing the weight of bread, and the exploitation of children by making them work  on the lines of the ovens and in packing, and the lack of health certificates for most workers , and poor storage of flour, with irregularities in cleanliness at the sites, where MCI teams worked along with the control teams of the Ministry of Labor , the Secretariat of the Holy City represented by the General Directorate of Health Environment and the  Municipality Branch in the district to take necessary legal measures  in order to preserve the rights of workers and consumers alike.
This action comes  in the context of preventive tours conducted by MCI teams  of the pilgrimage season this year 1434 AH in Mecca , and after the primary check of Al Kaaki Bakery plant  by MCI teams, it has been found out that there is a need to ask the assistance of other competent authorities such as the Ministry of Labor, and the Secretariat of the Holy City , represented by the General Directorate for Health environment and The Municipality Branch in the district , and all have directed an inspection of the bakery plant in a joint operation resulted in the detection of several  irregularities such as violations of the  Supply systems rules, health requirements and labor rules. 

MCI confirms that it will  continue its inspection tours  in all parts of the Kingdom, particularly in Mecca and the Holy Sites . MCI notes the importance of the application of rules and regulations to conserve the rights of dealers and consumers and it will respond to all reports and complaints around the clock and will take all necessary measures to implement that.

MCI also emphasizes that it will continue the cooperation with all government departments to ensure the application of the regulations and keeping the rights of consumers for the public welfare. 

All consumers are kindly requested to submit their reports and complaints to the Report Center at the phone No. (8001241616)
Last Modified 26 Dec 2018