The Ministry of Commerce and Industry confiscated 6,000 poor sockets and electrical connections as a precautionary measure in the Holy Sites in Mecca

13 Oct 2013
MCI inspection teams have carried out field tours on shops and stands selling electrical tools in the Holy Sites in Hajj season this year 1434H and confiscated  large amounts of poor sockets and electrical connections estimated at more than 4537 sockets and about 1900 units of electrical connections. These units are not in conformity with the standards and specifications of Saudi Arabia , and contrary to the commercial anti-fraud system , and they form a risk to the consumer and they may expose the properties to the fire, where they had been destroyed and  legal procedures had been taken against violators.

This comes in the context of the field tours carried out by the MCI inspection teams  these days on all goods and products offered for sale in Mecca during the pilgrimage season , out of these products are electrical  tools such as counterfeit and imitative sockets and electrical connections which are extremely dangerous to  pilgrims using them.    

The confiscation comes to protect the consumers , and to stop the shops exploiting  Hajj season by selling  counterfeit and imitative goods , and to prevent any harm to the users , as well as to respond to the reports of the consumers, and to take necessary action   against manipulators .

MCI  confirms that the inspection tours will be continued  in all parts of the Kingdom and particularly  in Mecca and the Holy Sites.

All consumers are  kindly requested to submit their complaints to the Report center at the phone No. ( 800 124 1616 ) .
Last Modified 26 Dec 2018