MCI Confiscates, Destroys more than 5 Thousand Expired Consumer Commodities, Foodstuffs, in Yanbu

17 Sep 2013

MCI confiscated more as many as 5000 expired and non-conformed to Saudi specifications and standards' consumer commodities as well as foodstuffs units, from a number of stores and markets, in the governorate of Yanbu.

The confiscated goods have been destroyed and those in charge have been called to MCI headquarters to complete investigations' procedures.
Confiscation and destruction, alike, have taken place following MCI inspection teams extensive on-field rounds at markets and stores in the governorate. They checked to be ascertained that the stores are free of malpractices related and being free of invalid consumer and foodstuffs, along with following up consumers complaints sent to the Reports' Center, at MCI.
 Seized items included more than various 711 foodstuffs, some which are invalid, others were bearing no trading data, nonetheless, are displayed for sale. There were also as many as 1686 expired miscellaneous foodstuffs intermingled with those valid foodstuffs, in the warehouses.
Among, too, there were 100 new, however expired tires, more than 150 second hand tires, 1248 units of non-conformed oils and cars' filters and 370 electrical non-conformed links and plugs, some which were counterfeit.
500 units of expired shampoo and crèmes were checked in too, 200 of them were non-conformed to the standards, 33 Ihram garments for being non-conformed and 242 different consumer items for non-bearing tags and data.
MCI confirms that it will not be lenient with those who are fiddling with health and safety of consumers, or those who are supplying counterfeit items, or not abide by the set services to guarantee the validity of commodities, as it will impose legal penalties against them.
It asserts, too, that the inspection rounds at marketplaces, shops, foodstuff warehouses and all commercial and industrial facilities, to be ascertained of their legality and being free of malpractices of cheating and deception harmful to consumers, exploiting the buying spree to sell and market rotten and expired items, will continue..
All consumers are called send their complaints, reports and remarks to MCI, by calling Consumer's Reports' Center's phone no: 800 124 1616
Last Modified 26 Dec 2018